Why Buy a Service Plan?

Having your car serviced regularly helps to keep it in tip-top condition. From engine performance to enhanced safety, there are endless benefits associated with keeping your vehicle well-maintained. However, finding the extra funds for your service can be tricky, particularly if you haven’t factored a service into the cost of your general vehicle maintenance. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to service your vehicle without blowing your budget.

What is a Service Plan?

A car service plan lets you spread the cost of your vehicle service throughout the year, which means no big bills to catch you unawares. From as little as £16.63 per month, you can buy a vehicle service plan from Motor Match and turn your car service into a stress-free experience. Whether you drive a 1.2-litre run-around or a 2.4-litre off-roader, paying for a monthly service plan is the most efficient way to keep your vehicle safe.

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