Should you service your car?

Yes! Every second hand car deserves to be well looked after, plus by regularly servicing your car not only will you keep it at its optimum value but you’ll save yourself any surprise repair bills in the future.

The Motor Match experience doesn’t end once you’ve driven off the forecourt, our range of aftersales services are designed to keep your car in its best condition. 


How often should you service your car?

We recommend servicing your car every year, but if you do a lot of miles you may need to service it more often. This is where your car manual comes in handy; it will guide you through when your car will need to be services along with the tasks that should be carried out.


How much will your car service cost?

The cost of your service will depend on a few factors including what car you have and which service it’s due, but with Motor Match it won’t come at a premium. Just simple, excellent value for money every time you visit us.

We’ll always provide a full quote for you to approve before we start any work, so there’s no surprises when you come and pick up your car. We are authorised to maintain your used car within any warranty – and to carry out insurer-approved accident damage repairs. If you need any replacement parts, we’ll make sure we only fit genuine parts made to fit your model.


Is a service plan worth it?

Benefits of a Motor Match service plan:

  • Flexible payment options – choose whether you’d like to pay up-front or by monthly instalments.
  • Inflation-proof servicing – the price today is the price you pay so even if our costs go up in the meantime there will be no additional money to pay.
  • Nothing to pay on the day – as your servicing costs have already been covered you can enjoy your visit to the workshop knowing there will be no bill at the end!
  • Full service history – helping to boost the resale value and desirability of your car when the time comes to sell.
  • Vehicle safety – having your annual service carried out gives you peace of mind that your car is in a safe condition as confirmed by our trained technicians.

If you need any help our service advisors can take you through all the options to ensure you get the right plan for you. Contact us today to find out more.


Is a used car warranty worth it?

As part of our service we’ll always offer you value for money where we can. Every car purchased from Motor Match comes with a complimentary 1 month warranty. This provides you with a comprehensive level of cover should there be any unforeseen mechanical issues within the first month of owning your new second hand car. 

You also have the option to purchase a 12 month warranty for £299, which will provide an extended level of cover for even greater peace of mind. 

Both of our warranties include:

  • A maintenance inspection during the period of the agreement
  • If a part covered by the warranty fails, then the labour and parts costs to repair or replace it will be covered, up to the agreed value.
  • Recovery if you breakdown
  • Vehicle hire if you have a breakdown that takes 8 hours or longer to repair

If you have any questions or want to find out more about our warranties simply give one of our service advisors a call today.