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The best used electric vehicles for every budget

By Motor Match • 11/09/2020

The adoption of electric vehicles is certainly on the rise, with close to every manufacturer bringing their own battery-powered car to market. And though prices are starting to drop, buying a new EV can still prove relatively costly.

Here, we’ve picked out some of the best electric cars on a variety of budgets. 

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£5,000 – 2012 Nissan Leaf 24kWh

Nissan’s Leaf has been an ever-present option in the EV segment, providing decent range and good levels of standard equipment throughout the years. Fortunately, because of its popularity there are plenty of used examples available on the market today, giving a low cost way of getting into EV ownership. 

At this price point you’ll be looking at a car with a range of around 124 miles, though that still comes quite close to the range you’ll get with entry-level EVs on the new car market. 

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£10,000 – 2016 Renault Zoe 22kWh

Much like the Leaf, Renault’s Zoe has proved quite the hit thanks to its compact size and appealing entry price. Again, as a result of this, there are plenty of options on the used market. 

At this price point, you are looking at a smaller battery version, though a range of between 130 to 150 miles is more than competitive. 

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£20,000 – 2017 Hyundai Ioniq 28kWh

Hyundai’s Ioniq was somewhat of a trendsetter as it was one of the first cars to be made available with three different powertrains - regular hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric.

However, the full EV version is a great option thanks to a decent range (around 174 miles) and a bodystyle which is both good to look at and practical too.

Because it’s still relatively new to the market, the Ioniq does command a slightly higher price tag - though it still represents great value for money. 

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£35,000 - 2020 Peugeot e-208

Remarkably, £35,000 is enough to net you an essentially brand-new example of Peugeot’s excellent e-208. Packed with features as well as head-turning looks, the e-208 is one of the new wave of electric vehicles which has hit the market. 

Because it’s still relatively cutting-edge, the e-208 delivers a claimed range of up to 217 miles - pretty remarkable considering its compact size. 

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£50,000 - Audi e-tron

Want a slice of the EV action but with a premium feel? The Audi e-tron is likely to be the car for you. With a range of well over 200 miles, it ticks the versatility box, while a high-end interior feels just as generously appointed as those found in Audi’s regularly-powered SUVs.

It also looks particularly special, while a long wheelbase means there’s plenty of legroom for those sitting in the back - and there’s a decent amount of boot space too.

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