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Many people think of the pickup (or pickup truck) as a uniquely-American invention. While it’s true the vehicle was created in 1925 by Henry Ford, it has become a worldwide option for anyone who needs to haul heavy loads or get work done effectively and efficiently. 

The pickup has become popular in many different industries, making adaptations along the way to fit the needs of different people and different businesses. At one point in the 1950s, it was considered a ‘status symbol’ because they were quite pricey. 

Today, the pickup car is a working persons dream. While it may not be considered immediately as a family vehicle, it’s great for anyone who does a lot of hauling. 

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What is a Pickup?

The body style of a pickup car is very simple. Most of them feature an enclosed cab with an open cargo area. The cargo area typically has low sides and a tailgate to make it easy to slide objects in and out, even if they’re heavy. 

From the VW Amarok, to the Nissan Navara, Pickups have gone through several overhauls over the years, so there are several different models on the market today. There are pickups with four doors and rear passenger seats, pickups with more space behind the seats for extra storage, and two-seated trucks with a smaller cab. Many pickup vehicles now have cabs that are just as smooth and comfortable as saloons, making it easier for drivers to spend long hours on the road or going through a long workday without sacrificing comfort. 

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages? 

Like any other type of vehicle, pickup vehicles aren’t for everyone. They’re unique in what they can offer, but they also serve a specific purpose. Let’s look at some of the potential positives and drawbacks. 


•    Interior and cargo space
•    Power 
•    High towing capacity
•    Good for off-roading


•    Typically lower fuel efficiency
•    More difficult to manoeuvre than smaller models

Another potential disadvantage of pickups is that they can often be more expensive than other vehicles. But, when you look at used pickups for sale, you can often find a great deal with all of the same benefits and features. 

Is a Pickup Right for You?

You don’t have to have a job that requires constant heavy lifting or hauling in order to benefit from a pickup truck. They’re great for anyone who enjoys a good weekend project or has to do any type of product transporting. Plus, they’re fun to drive! 

If you’re interested in a pickup but you’re not sure whether it will be the right fit for you, stop in to one of our showrooms to take a look or drive one for yourself. Or, feel free to browse our selection online before contacting us. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have so you can find the perfect pickup. 


Representative example

  • PCP Example
  • HP Example
  • 47 Monthly Payments £170.15
  • Total Price £9,950
  • Customer Deposit £1,000
  • Amount of Credit £8,950
  • Apr 9.9%
  • Term 48 months
  • Total Amount Payable £12,339.05
  • Fixed Rate of Interest 9.45%
  • Annual Mileage 8,000
  • Optional Final Payment £3,332

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