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GardX Protection

GardX is an affordable protection your vehicle’s interior and exterior, keeping your vehicle looking as good as new.

What is GardX Paint and Interior Protection?

GardX Paint and Interior Protection is a resilient and transparent coating that protects your vehicle’s paintwork from harmful pollutants.

The Interior Protection, Stain and Leather Guard protect your interior against liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime.

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What are the benefits of GardX Protection?

Maintains a high-gloss showroom finish, wash after wash

Guards your paintwork and interior

Protects the future resale value of your vehicle

Enhances safety and visibility in wet driving conditions

Lifetime guarantee for paint, leather and fabrics (administration fee applies to transfer lifetime guarantee)

Mercedes-Benz Interior

Interior Protection

Spills on upholstery and muddy feet on car mats, it happens to us all.

GardX has two types of technology used for the interior, meaning no matter if your interior is fabric or leather, its got you covered.

Gardx protection can ensure seat fabrics and carpets resist stains and leather stays protected, soft and supple. Your interior will appear like new for years to come!

Exterior Protection

Your vehicles paintwork is constantly being exposed to a sorts of things that can damage it.

As the paintwork ages, the imperfections increases. This can then attract pollutants which slowly degrade the paint, causing oxidation and fading.

With GardX paint protection, It permanently etches an invisible layer of durable sealant into the surface of the paintwork, filling any imperfections and creating a smooth, high-gloss, protective finish.

Volkswagen Golf R Front bumper

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