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Smart car range: What’s available and what’s coming?

By Motor Match • 23/08/2023

This year marks 25 years since the iconic ‘Smart car’ was first introduced, let's check out the full range.

Backed by Mercedes, the Smart car is unquestionably one of the most iconic modern-day cars, with its dinky size making it a hit around urban areas because of its sheer usefulness – you’ll likely have seen them before parked the other way on in parallel parking bays.

But ‘Smart’ is now reinventing itself, as, while the iconic small models might have been cool, they sold in fairly numbers and weren’t very profitable. Smart is now co-owned by Mercedes, which looks after the design, and Chinese brand Geely, which handles the engineering.

It’s just launching in the UK now with a brand-new crossover that’s a radical departure from its past. Let’s look at what the Smart range has to offer, and what’s coming.

Smart Car - Smart #1

Smart #1

Smart kicks off its reinvention with the new #1, pronounced ‘hashtag one’. This is a brand-new electric crossover that is built around new underpinnings, which will also be used in Volvo’s new EX30.

Priced from an attractive £35,950, it undercuts many rivals, yet comes with competitive equipment levels and a range of up to 273 miles, thanks to its 66kWh battery. The drive is delivered to the rear wheels, with the #1 being good behind the wheel and also packing a practical interior. Various versions are available from the offset, including a high-spec Launch Edition model.

Smart #1 Brabus

Smart has a long-running partnership with German tuning company Brabus, and that is continuing with the ‘new’ Smart too. That’s because the #1 is also available in a tuned guise, where it uses a second electric motor enabling all-wheel-drive.

Combined, the Brabus produces a monstrous 422bhp (up from 268bhp in the standard car) and that allows for a 0-60mph time of just 3.7 seconds. There are a few other mechanical changes, but it gets typical sportier Brabus styling to give it a meaner look.

White Smart Car
Grey Smart Car Fortwo

Smart ForTwo

The ForTwo is the ‘Smart’ most people will think about when they hear the name, and it is a true icon. There were three generations of the ForTwo, with the most recent arriving on sale in 2015.

By 2019, however, Smart switched to only selling its ForTwo with an electric powertrain. It’s very much a city-aimed model, with a small range of just 81 miles. Smart closed orders for the ForTwo in April 2023, though production will continue until 2024 to satisfy all orders.

Smart ForFour

If you wanted an original Smart car but with additional room, it’s the ForFour that is the model to go for. As its name suggests, it gains rear seats, as well as back doors. Though far from roomy, it makes this Smart a far more usable proposition.

Like the ForTwo, this four-seater switched to only being EV-only in 2019, though production ended in late 2021.

Blue Smart Car Smart Forfour
Smart Car Range

Coming soon – Smart #3

Next up on the cards for Smart is the new #3. Essentially a sleeker, coupe-styled version of the #1, it trades a little practicality in the name of style. It’s certainly an eye-catching choice that should make quite the impression with buyers.

Likely to feature the same powertrains as the #1, you can expect a claimed range of around 275 miles. It’s set to be presented in Europe for the first time at September’s Munich Motor Show, with sales set to open in Europe in early 2024.

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